LessonPro is a free program provided by Strategic Studies. that allows teachers to write lessons and students to study the lessons on-line via Internet browsers from anywhere around the world at anytime. LessonPro was developed by Strategic Studies. to provide K-12 educators an easy way to write instructional lessons for the Internet. We know that teachers don't have time to learn difficult programming language or special coding in order to write lessons for the Internet. Our goal has been to make the Internet easy for teachers to integrate into the teaching learning process. LessonPro is offered free to allow teachers to tap into the exciting possibilities available when using the Internet in instruction.

Through LessonPro, Strategic Studies is providing teachers around the world the opportunity to write lessons for their own students, as well as for students using the e-Tutor online learning program. The popular educational website provides original teacher developed lessons for students around the world. Students will have free access to lessons created by their teachers with LessonPro. Once a lesson is completed it is automatically formatted and made available to students using access codes you give them.

The general outline for the lesson template follows the popular format developed for e-Tutor lessons. The dynamic nature of LessonPro integrates educational resources from the World Wide Web through hyperlinks embedded within each lesson. Programming and technical languages are not necessary; LessonPro does it all for you!

Lessons submitted for use in the e-Tutor program should include the following:

  • All fields in the LessonPro template have been filled out including quiz/exam questions
  • Meet the e-Tutor standard for quality and grade level appropriateness
  • Differ from previous submissions by at least 50%
  • Do not violate any third party rights (e.g., copyright)

Once a lesson is completed writers merely send e-mail to lesson@strategicstudies.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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